Creating More Power: Four Signs You Need a New Laptop Battery

Your laptop cannot run without a working battery, but sadly, over time, laptop batteries lose their proverbial juice. Wondering if you need to invest in a new one? Here are four clues that now is the time:

1. Your laptop doesn't hold a charge anymore

When you first buy most laptops, you can use them for hours without recharging the battery. However, as time goes on, this ability fades. At first, you notice your laptop doesn't work for as long without dying.

Eventually, your laptop may not even work unless you have it plugged into the charger — if that happens, you almost certainly need a new battery.

2. Your laptop gives you an alert that the battery is in trouble

When you start up your laptop, it runs through a list of check ups and procedures. One of these checks is the battery. If the battery is working at a very low capacity, your laptop will give you a message that the battery isn't working and needs to be replaced.

3. Your laptop doesn't start or shuts down while in use

If your laptop shuts down while in use or cannot even start up, the issue may be your battery. In most cases, by the time you face this problem, you will have already received a start-up alert, possibly much more than once, about your battery.

If you have received the alert, you can be pretty certain that your laptop needs a new battery, but if you haven't received the alert, you may want to investigate other options. A computer repairs specialist can let you know if the battery is the issue or if the computer is shutting down or refusing to turn on due to another issue.

4. Your laptop battery has charged over 300 times

Although batteries vary, most laptop batteries only have the ability to be charged and re-used about 300 times. If you are uncertain whether your laptop needs a new battery or needs a different type of repair, you should try to estimate how often you have recharged it.

As you likely haven't counted, you can figure out the number of charges by estimating. Take approximately how often you charge your laptop per week and then multiply that number by the number of weeks you have had your laptop.

For example, if you use your laptop a lot every day and recharge it daily, that is seven times per week. If you have had your laptop a year or 52 weeks, you have likely charged it 364 times and you probably need a replacement battery.