What to consider when installing a home network

In this day and age, the internet is part and parcel of life, and therefore, it is only logical that you find a way if having it easily accessible in your home. This is done by installing a home network so that you can connect your devices and access the internet from whichever point in your home that you would like. Unlike wireless networks that may not be that secure, wired home networks offer privacy as well as fast speeds. Read More 

Creating More Power: Four Signs You Need a New Laptop Battery

Your laptop cannot run without a working battery, but sadly, over time, laptop batteries lose their proverbial juice. Wondering if you need to invest in a new one? Here are four clues that now is the time: 1. Your laptop doesn't hold a charge anymore When you first buy most laptops, you can use them for hours without recharging the battery. However, as time goes on, this ability fades. At first, you notice your laptop doesn't work for as long without dying. Read More